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Remote Backup – The Top 10 Reasons

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Top 10 Reasons for Remote Backup

Image Advantage Solutions Inc. offers safe and secure remote backup solutions. This is a service whereby backup software is installed on your servers and/or workstations. This software backs your data up to a secure datacenter located in Canada and owned by Canadians. Please find following:

 Top 10 Reasons:

1. Protect your Data from Disasters

2. Secure

3. Easy

4. Inexpensive

5. Canadian

6. Task Based

7. Easily Restored

8. Reliable

9. Multiple Computers

10. Peace of Mind

1. Protect Your Data from Disasters— If there is only one copy of your data on a local server or computer then you risk a data disaster.  This disaster could be in the form of hard drive failure, tornado, water damage, earthquake etc. Remote backup protects you from such disasters.

2. Secure— There are a number of security technologies that keep your data secure such as 256-bit AES encryption. These features make Image Advantage Remote Backup much more secure than cloud backup services.

3. Easy— We install the backup software and configure it to backup up your important data. The system then operates completely on it’s own and even software updates are fully automatic.

4. Inexpensive— Image Advantage Remote Backup is a service so there is no investment in expensive hardware or software. Data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization and the cost of this backup service is usually a fraction of the cost of liability and other insurance paid by organizations.

5. Canadian— Most other similar services are either located in other countries or owned outside of Canada. Image Advantage Remote Backup is completely Canadian owned and Canadian located.

6. Task Based– Different sets of data may be backed up at different times of the day or week depending upon their value and size. Our solution backs up the data using “incremental bit level backup” so overwhelming your internet bandwidth is not a concern.

7. Easily Restored— The restore of your data is very fast and easy. You select the backed up data and choose the target location. In no-time your files and folders are back on your computer.

8. Reliable—Your files are backup up to a very secure data centre in Canada and copied immediately to a second data centre in Canada. These data centres use the newest and best technology to keep your data safe. When a backup is not executed because a computer is turned off, the backup will automatically start when the computer is turned on.

9. Multiple Computers—Most backup solutions will only back up one computer or server. Image Advantage Remote Backup will back up all of the computers and data of an organization regardless of the language or operating system.

10. Peace of Mind—You can now stop worrying about what will happen to your organization in the event of a “Data Disaster”. Let Image Advantage Remote Backup keep you safe from harm.

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