Analysis, Definition and Preparation are Key to Understanding

Migrating to an Electronic Document and Records Management System is a detailed step-by-step process. If the implementation is performed properly the system will be reliable, user friendly and the documents and records will be easy to find. If the system is not set up properly however then the system may fail because the documents are not properly organized or the hardware computer system is not capable of hosting such a system.

consulting meeting at Image Advantage

With Image Advantage consulting services we guide the client through the process to obtain the best possible system outcome. The services offered are:

  • Conducting a feasibility study (cost/benefit analysis)
  • Analysis existing paper systems
  • Analysis of existing electronic documents
  • Analysis of email requirements
  • Analysis of document workflow
  • Identifying problems and inefficiencies with existing systems
  • Analyzing and evaluating existing computer infrastructures
  • Analysis of electronic document and records management system requirements
  • Defining index structures of documents (file classification)
  • Outlining workflow of documents
  • Preparing Requests For Information (R.F.I.)
  • Preparing Requests For Proposal (R.F.P.)
  • Analyzing bids from vendors
  • Building file classification, security and retention schedules into Electronic Records Management Systems
  • Implementing privacy and security measures
  • Liaising between client and vendor during installationy
  • Training clients on new systems and procedures
  • Designing backup systems
  • Providing on-going support

We aim to ensure all our clients understand everything before making any decisions in regards to their migration.