Scanning of drawings for engineering firms and architects

Engineering and Architect companies have to store large volumes of client records. This takes up valuable office space and may often be difficult to find in paper format.  Digitizing paper documents to electronic files has the following benefits:

♦ No more lost files
♦ Increases the ease of retrieval and distribution of documents
♦ Creates back ups in case of disaster
♦ Frees up office space
♦ Reduces “wear-and-tear” on archival documents
♦ Allow documents to be placed off-site freeing up valuable office space
♦ Easy to distribute documents

Image Advantage offers the service of the scanning of these valuable paper records and large format drawings and classifying and indexing them into our FileHold Electronic Document and Records Management system so that they are very easy to find. The documents may then be moved to less expensive off-site storage.

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