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The legal and administrative demands to store client records create large collections of paper documents in law firms. Office floor space in most law firms is very valuable and it would be beneficial to move these documents to off-site storage thereby freeing up valuable office space. The benefits of electronic records management for law firms is:

♦  No more lost files
♦  Increases the ease of retrieval and distribution of documents
♦  Creates back ups in case of disaster
♦  Frees up office space
♦  Reduces “wear-and-tear” on archival documents
♦  Allow documents to be placed off-site freeing up valuable office space
♦  Easy to distribute documents

Image Advantage offers the service of the scanning of these important records and linking them to the client billing and tracking software. We also offer the FileHold Electronic Document and Records Management System to completely manage all scanned documents, electronic records and emails.

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