Scanning Delicate Drawings, Mylar and Vellum is our specialty

We can scan large format plans and drawings up to 36″ wide by any length. With our high quality production scanners, delicate older drawings, mylar and vellum are our speciality. For contractors, architects, surveyors, engineers and manufacturers we are able to produce a high quality image of your important documents. We can scan at resolutions from 200 dpi to 600 dpi in TIFF or PDF formats. Scanning includes straightening, cropping and despeckling to produce the very best image quality. Finally, the plans can be linked to a Microsoft Access database for easy retrieval.

Contex large format scannerFor contractors, architects, surveyors, engineers and manufacturers

Your organization may have a Geographical Information System (GIS). Many large format drawings are indexed geographically. Image Advantage has the technology and expertise to link the scanned images of the large format drawings to existing GIS databases and maps. In this way, plans and drawings may be found by searching for them in a database or by finding the area on the map and clicking on the link icon. To offer the latest technical capabilities we work closely with GIS solution providers such as ESRI and CGIS.