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Image Advantage offers the service of scanning client files so that the original documents may be stored off-site in another location or in a professional paper records storage facility. We can index these documents using existing computer infrastructures like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Access or we can advise you on a proper Electronic Records Management System.

Every client is unique and our rates vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Through a free consultation our consultants can help determine the most cost-effective solution for you.

Image Advantage specializes in scanning older archival records. All of our scanners have flatbed capability along with document feeders so that bound books and tender pages may be scanned and not damaged.

Our software solutions are based on industry standards such as Adobe Acrobat PDF. We offer the service of upgrading older versions of our projects so they stay current with today’s industry standards. We also offer the service of converting projects to newer media such as CD to DVD so that your data remains current and safe.

The elimination of filing paper documents significantly reduces labour costs. Faster and easier access to business documents permits more timely decisions and improves productivity. Other benefits also include: very easy to find files, no more lost files, a backup in case of disaster, easy to distribute documents throughout the organization and to the public, reduction of wear and tear on paper files, and ease of file retention scheduling.

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