Image Advantage Solutions Inc. Clients

Increasingly, the role of the internet in storing and transferring information and images has impacted all types of businesses. At Image Advantage, our clients range from Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government contracts, to Educational Institutions, Military Organizations, various Industries and others in the Private Sector.

Our clients include:

♦ 80+ Municipalities
♦ Educational Institutions such as Queen’s University, Havergall College, Appleby College and several school boards
♦ The Canadian Military
♦ Industry such as Toronto Research Chemicals and the Toronto Star
♦ Surveyor company’s such as Hopkins Chitty Land Surveyors
♦ Many mining engineering societies all over the world
♦ Many museums and federal government historical sites such as Fort Henry, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Museum of History and the ROM
♦ Health institutions such as the Kingston General Hospital and a number of Ontario Health Units

For more information about our references please contact: