ColumnsNumerous municipalities, towns and cities in Ontario have chosen Image Advantage to assist in the scanning and conversion of paper documents to electronic records. By doing so, they have taken steps to secure their By-laws, Council Minutes, Committee Minutes, Agendas, and Assessment Rolls. Converting paper documents to electronic files has the following benefits:

♦  No more lost files
♦  Increases the ease of retrieval and distribution of documents
♦  Creates back ups in case of disaster
♦  Frees up office space
♦  Reduces “wear-and-tear” on archival documents
♦  Allow documents to be placed off-site freeing up valuable office space
♦  Easy to distribute documents to the public

The services that Image Advantage provides to Municipalities are:

♦  Scanning and PDF publishing of By-laws and Council Minutes with linked Table of Contents and Full Text Search Capability
♦  TOMRMS (The Ontario Municipal Records Management System”; a complete system for file classification, retention and Policy and Procedures
♦  The FileHold Electronic Document and Records Management System

Our scanning services include:

♦  Scanning of all sizes of paper documents
♦  Scanning of bound books
♦  Scanning of large format drawings and maps in black and white or colour

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