Pilot Projects:

Implementing a document management system in your organization requires a commitment. At Image Advantage we understand the scope of this important decision. To assist in the process and allow you to view the end result, we offer free pilot projects of document scanning and indexing.

Binding/Unbinding Books:

Image Advantage partners with Smiths Falls Bookbinding in Smiths Falls, Ontario so that bound books may be unbound and their pages scanned through the document feeders of our high speed scanners. Smiths Falls Bookbinding can rebind the books with the same covers or can create new covers as per your service agreement with Image Advantage.

Receiving and Sending Documents:

Image Advantage has accounts with various shipping companies including Fedex. The utmost care is taken to ensure protective packaging, shipping and receiving of your valuable documents. We also have the capability of sending documents securely over the web.

Pick Up & Delivery of Your Documents

We recognize that your documents are valuable and in many cases irreplaceable. We are committed to discussing how your documents will be handled once they are in our care and ultimately returned to you. Every measure is taken to ensure you receive your originals and electronic documents as per your service agreement.

Depending on your needs, we will personally pick up and deliver your documents anywhere in Eastern Ontario. In many instances, we will pick up documents in small batches so that not all of your documents are out of your possession at any one time. We also offer the service of on-site scanning in Eastern Ontario for critical documents that can not leave your possession.

For our customers outside of Eastern Ontario, we will be pleased to make arrangements that suit your requirements and aid in fulfilling our commitment to you.

For more information contact: sales@imageadvantage.com