Annette C. Gilchrist

The friendly and knowledgeable services received from Image Advantage

The friendly and knowledgeable services received from Image Advantage ensure we have a practical schedule and the experts required to preserve our most valuable information at a reasonable cost while providing better organization and accessibility to our records.

Deb Sapp

We had over 4000 charts or 300000 pieces of paper

“… Fortunately, for the hospitals and our patient population we were able to secure the services of Image Advantage. In the very short time span of 6 weeks’ they were able to clear our backlog. Marc and Jane’s company came on site for this job, as it was essential to keep the patient records intact and secure. The staff that Image Advantage employs is professional, courteous and eager to do an excellent job. The flexibility that the company demonstrated to meet the needs of my staff for scheduling and equipment availability was beyond what you would expect. Marc, Jane and the crew worked midnights and weekends to get us caught up.  Marc and Jane took a hands-on approach and demonstrated the passion that they have for getting the job done, on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my colleagues in healthcare as their attention to detail and confidentiality was exceptional.  On behalf of myself, and my staff, I would like to thank Marc, Jane and the whole crew at Image Advantage for making the backlog disappear. We are now able to keep up with the Inpatient workload too.”

M. Brickles
Clerk Treasurer / Wollaston Township

The best thing since sliced bread

“I am so pleased with the scanned by-laws and minutes of our Township that your company did for us. I have used them numerous times…and it has saved me hours of time looking for things. The method of searching by a word or phrase is wonderful, brings up exactly what I would have spent hours looking for, and the ability to print without pulling a book apart, only to fight with it later to get it back together is the best thing since sliced bread.”

R. Murray
Assistant to the Clerk / County of Prince Edward

The quality of your work is impeccable

” To Marc and all your staff, I would like to thank you for the excellent response to my request for a By-law that you had at your offices for scanning. It was a grand total of 36 minutes and the By-law was emailed to me, I was surely impressed. The quality of your work is impeccable. I just finished down loading your most recent work you did for us and again very impressive.”

This product has increased the efficiency of our operations.

“Image Advantage scanned hundreds of…international agreements…for archiving that required delicate handling. The Image Advantage team organized these agreements in an easily searchable format with click-and-retrieve, simple file transfer and a professional look. The final database was used by many national and international officials in their duty. They were most impressed with this product and found it to be user-friendly and certainly more convenient than having to carry loads of papers. There is no doubt that this product has increased the efficiency of our operations.”

Julie Murtha
Associate Director, Business Development / Toronto Star

I would not hesitate to recommend Chad & the Image Advantage team

The Toronto Star recently digitized its archival photo collection taken over the last 120 years. Once the digitization was complete I asked Chad and his team to crop and properly orient 120,000 TIFF files and save as high-quality jpg images. Chad and I discussed the requirements and he took the time to fully understand our complicated file structure and how we wanted the images preserved. Chad deliberately and thoughtfully investigated my requirements, performing his own sampling, to ensure his team could provide the service in a timely manner at a competitive price. Chad's team provided the completed project on-time (within 8 weeks!) and on-budget. He provided updates throughout the project and asked questions if necessary. Chad was fabulous to work with. The quality of his service is extremely high. I would not hesitate to recommend Chad and the Image Advantage team.

Larry Dime
Sales and Marketing Manager / Toronto Research Chemicals

I would recommend the services of Image Advantage to anybody

Toronto Research Chemicals (TRC) was founded in 1982 by Dr. David Dime to manufacture and supply researchers in the biomedical fields with specialized organic small molecules that were not commercially available. Today TRC employs about 150 full time staff in a 65,000 square foot facility and manufactures in excess of 33,000 products to more than 65 countries.Our product files are the main records of the chemicals that are manufactured by TRC. We have recently run out of room to store these files. The chemists have had to walk a considerable distance and a flight of stairs to access the files. There have also been problems with misfiling.We contracted the services of Image Advantage in October of 2012 and in 6 months they have scanned 1.3 million pages of the product files. Jane, Marc and Chad personally picked up the files and inventoried them and then brought them back once scanned. The quality of the scans was excellent. When we needed a file we just sent an email and had the file emailed back to us usually within the hour.I would recommend the services of Image Advantage to anybody else that requires scanning. They were flexible to our requirements and professional.

‘They always overdeliver’

We were referred to Image Advantage by a former publisher for the Canadian military. ‘They always overdeliver’, he said. And Marc and his team made good on that statement. We at AIME have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail, customer care, and, most of all, the exceptional value for the work they perform.