Remote BackupThe most important asset of an organization is it’s people. The second most important is its data. It is critical that important electronic records such as accounting files and client records are backup up not only on premises but also at another location just in case of fire, flood, explosion or theft of the computer equipment.

Image Advantage offers a range of remote backup solutions.

Secure Off-site Backup (Image Advantage Backup)

cloud-backupImage Advantage offers remote backup of any electronic files of an organization to a safe and secure data centre in Canada. This data centre is Canadian owned and all data is stored in Canada to meet PIPEDA Compliance. We offer a free consultation to that we may determine what files you want to back up and when. We then will perform a complete service of installing the backup solution and testing it.

Secure File Sync (Image Advantage Sync)

cloud-syncMany organizations have the requirement to share documents across a number of remote locations. Image Advantage Sync is a remote data centre that is a safe and secure place to host these documents. You may assign rights to remote users so that they may see only the documents and folders that they have the rights to see. There is even revision control so that multiple users may collaborate on the same document.