Industry have collections of documents such as facilities drawings, human resource records, research documents etc. that they must keep for long periods of time. Many of these records are also accessed on a regular basis and it would be beneficial to have an Electronic Document and Records Management system to properly organize, classify and store the documents to that they take up less space and are much more easily found. This system has the following benefits:

♦ No more lost files
♦ ISO compliance
♦ Increases the ease of retrieval and distribution of documents
♦ Creates back ups in case of disaster
♦ Frees up office space
♦ Reduces “wear-and-tear” on archival documents
♦ Allow documents to be placed off-site freeing up valuable office space
♦ Easy to distribute documents to the public

Image Advantage offers the service of classifying , scanning and indexing the documents into our FileHold Electronic Document and Records Management System.

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